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With the rapid pace of the world today and with so much being available to us as youth, it is important to stay grounded in our Christian faith. Our youth gather on Saturday nights to grow in faith by listening to God's Word and having fellowship with one another.

Our youth meetings begin with a period of worship and praise where we sing several songs mostly in English and some in Arabic. We then spend time listening to a message from God's Word, enriching us for our daily walk with God. Many times, we will also have periods of sharing, where we encourage one another to hold steadfast to our faith. Our meeting end with a time for snacks and fellowship, which many times include special activities or discussions.

Our youth meetings typically take place every  Saturday at 7:30pm. We often organize special activities for the youth on the first Saturday of the month. For exact dates of our meetings, please consult the Event Calendar.

For more information about the Youth meeting, please contact us.


Youth Meeting

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