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Learn About Our Meetings

Bible Study

Every Friday evening, we gather to read, study, and apply God's rich Word into our lives.

Learn more about Bible study

Ladies Meeting

During Ladies meetings, we examine the Scriptures and discuss what they teach us about womanhood.

Learn more about the Ladies Meeting

Youth Meeting

At our youth meetings, youth and young adults gather to learn about God's Word, to grow in our faith, and to fellowship with one another.

Learn more about the Youth Meeting

Sunday School

There are Sunday school classes for all ages to teach, train, and equip all children, youth, and adults in their walk in faith.

Learn more about Sunday School

Sunday Worship

During our main worship meeting of the week, we gather to praise and worship God, and listen to His Word. We have two different worship services on Sunday, one in English, and one in Arabic.

Learn more about the English Worship service

Learn more about the Arabic Worship service

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