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COVID-19 Measures

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the following measures are being applied for all our in-person church services:

*Attendance Limit: In accordance with the government of Québec's regulations regarding places of worship, attendance at our in-person church services is currently limited to a maximum of 25 attendees (not including essential staff). Registration is required for in-person meetings. Please contact us to register.

Masks: Please note that a procedure mask is mandatory when indoors in our church building (face coverings are not permitted as per current regulations). Procedure masks are available at the back of the congregation room upon entering the church building if needed.

Hand Washing: Attendees must disinfect their hands upon entering the church building. A hand washing station with disinfectant is available at the back of the congregation room.

Seating: Seating has been blocked on every second row of benches to allow for physical distancing protocols to be respected. Please sit only on one of the benches that have been assigned for seating. All benches available for seating are disinfected before and after every meeting. Please keep a distance of at least 2 metres between you and other attendees that are not members of your household.

*Attendance limit information accurate as of 2021-04-25.

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